Within one session of working with this part and experiencing Self-leadership he was able to thaw the ice formations that held the belief of needing his wife for direction and meaning in life. This photo shows how to erase dry markers with a cloth that comes with the kit.

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How to Use the Blank Cards

Several times I have had clients select a blank card to express how they feel..  numb.  (more on that later)  In any case, the blank cards are like little canvases for clients to express their own unique inner world, however they choose. 

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Self can also be represented with a blank card.  Notice there is not a card that represents Self in the deck.  This is because at the time of publication I understood Self to be a dimension of experiencing life with calm depth, relatedness and heart, a transcendent awareness of being, and not an actual part. However there are many differing opinions about Self which I respect. Tom Holmes will often use a circle of light with a smiling face or the Conductor’s hands when an image is needed.  “Guides” can carry Self qualities, offering clients an image and a personal interface with Self.  Sometimes clients will use a blank card to create a personal guide or their own idea of Self.  Whatever works!

Then the client added sunshine and color, symbolizing his freedom of restricting beliefs.  Here he splashes in the melted ice and discovers joy in life.

Many clients are not comfortable with drawing, however, so I suggest using photographs, images from magazines, or google images from the internet.  Simply cut out the image and adhere with a  GlueStick. These images can also be removed and cleaned up like new. 

This is example of my personal Muse part.  He may look a lot like David Byrne on the cover of his Little Creatures album , but his name is StarMan, and he is the part that puts my creative ideas into action.

Sometimes a client has a part that is not featured in the deck.  Blank cards are available for the purpose of creating images for these special parts. There are a number of ways of making personalized cards that include cut and paste or drawing the image with DRY ERASE Crayons or Markers that can be purchased at any office supply store.

The handy thing about using the markers is that they are immediate and they erase, so a client, in the case of experiencing an inner transformation, can actually make the part’s appearance change.  There is something powerful in bringing the transformation of inner work into the concrete material world.

This is example of a client’s special part that was frozen in ice, illustrating his inability to move forward in life following a divorce.