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 Part 3: Tom and Lauri Holmes show how to deepen the connection to Self using images from the cards.

Instructive Videos by Tom and Lauri Holmes

This is a complete 60 minute lecture on parts work, IFS, and the Buddhist model of consciousness. Power point images are from the illustrator of our book and, Sharon Eckstein's InnerActive Cards.

Grandpa Tom talks with his parts about the coronavirus situation. (For both children and adults.)

Parts Work Intro: In this 4 minute video, Tom introduces parts work, Internal Family Systems therapy and its integration with the Buddhist model of consciousness presented by Thich Nhat Hanh

Part 2: Tom and Lauri use the cards to share how their parts are coping with the Covid 19 crisis.

Part 1: In this video Tom and Lauri Holmes show how the cards can be can be used to explore our parts as they are reacting to the Covid 19 crisis